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Thread: Tamarijn Renovations

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    I got confirmation that there are 2 blocks of rooms closed for renovations.
    The words "not totally enclosed" in answer Re: the balconies.

    Thank you.
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    No, not "totally enclosed". However if the attached photo is any indication, and I did see the room in the photo last May after it's completion, the truth is, I wouldn't be impressed being booked into the room considering what we've been accustomed to over the last 20 years. The upper level no longer has wooden slats which allow sun or moon or starlight to be seen.... During the day, and granted, we're not often in the room in the daytime anyway, the balcony will become a veritable greenhouse. Even with the upper windows open. Direct sunlight, the equator, glass walls.... you get what I'm saying...
    Obviously it's underway, but, not all the rooms are done... it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, so it has been said.
    If you're a regular at the Tam, and this seems bothersome to you, especially if you're an end-room regular, you might wish to speak up.

    I know I have and will continue to.... albeit politely.
    After all, I still love the place.

    Counter on the screen says 192 days.
    Mr. Ratt
    "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got..."
    Aruba.... May 8, 2020... 3pm at the Tamarijn, see you there.

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    Aruba since 1979
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    I am not at all happy that I was told "not totally enclosed".............ya sure.....when those windows are closed it IS ENCLOSED.
    Well my house is not totally enclosed either when windows are open

    I wonder if they have any folks that enjoy the outdoors consulting on projects like this?
    Do the designers ever get outside of their cubicle?

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    We like to finish our time on the island with a few days at the Divi. We often discuss staying at the Tam instead but the rocky beach always makes us change our mind. The enclosed balconies would be a definite no way for us. If they want to spend money on upgrades why don’t they buy new loungers for the beach because the old ones are gross and uncomfortable.
    Jayna-Beach Bum at ❤️
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