I am posting this in the Aruba General AND the TIMESHARE categories.

Please, please, please............be transparent in your "for rents."

When someone creates a new posting in Timeshare section that posting does NOT post.
It goes to moderation where Walt, Jacki or I check it for accuracy.
By accuracy I mean:

Name of resort.
Studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom ....etc
Sleeping..King, Queen, flip out sofa etc...
Is the kitchen fully functional and well stocked or barely basic?
Is there a view? (pool, parking lots, ocean or other?)


Taxes and Fees. This is absolutely required. Imagine the surprise/shock that if you do not disclose this to your renter and he/she checks in and is charged immediately $125 for room, environmental and energy taxes/fees.

Please everyone, be transparent.