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Thread: 17.5 Inches... No Flip Flop...!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjones View Post
    ..... and all the people that were fighting over bread, milk and eggs at the s'market y'day got to have french toast today.....!
    Some things never change.....cracks me up every time a storm is predicted, do these people not have any food or toilet paper in the house? ha, ha.....we lucked out in Chicopee only got a few inches of nice fluffy snow. I always shovel with my Aruba hat on to help me stay warm :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by brady bear View Post
    Guess I won't complain,.. it's in the 30's here in the sunshine state.
    Got the wood fire place going, the electric fireplace going, and my mattress warmer on.
    Cup of hot cider with spice rum. Again !!! that cold crap. Really think it's the work place.
    Every dang weekend I end up sick. Wonder if I can claim workman comp..

    Time to get serious here! Your health is important. Instead of being sick every weekend start improving your vitamin intake. Do not take it orally. Obtain a medical certificate that will allow you to replenish your deleted vitamin D and C in Aruba. I prescribe several 4 day treatments about 2 weeks apart.
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