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Thread: Battle for the Patio

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    Battle for the Patio

    I posted on my blog and here on the boards about the little stray cat, Tux, who lives at my shack in Savaneta. He's back up to a healthy weight and doing well, generally behaving himself.

    Enter "Ashburn." Ashburn is a bit larger than Tux. He's a medium hair, gray cat with a round face. He's probably several pounds heavier than Tux. So, Ashburn has figured out that Tux is getting room and board courtesy of 44 and is angling for his own deal. He ran Tux off the patio, sometimes all day. Not cool. During one fracas, I turned the hose on Ashburn and he split for a while. Now he's back.

    There's plenty of food and water for all. I'm going to offer Ashburn a truce and he best take it. Enjoy a few pouches of Whiskas, mellow out, soak up the sun. If not, he's going to get the hose treatment again. After all, Tux was first, having replaced "Larry" who died three years ago. Tux is a great little cat, lots of personality.

    Anyway, the saga continues here in Savaneta as the Battle for the Patio may or may not be over.

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    Well I sure hope that Ashburn takes on the offer, looks like a good deal he would have!! We have a stray that we feed on our porch that is so cute "Charlie" and we have 2 indoor cats (Abbey and Mr. Boots) that just stare him down and try to fight through the screen!! It's funny to see them interact and proctect their territory.

    Good luck with Ashburn!!

    Will be in Aruba next month and can't wait.

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    sounds like the makings of a nice "children's book" with plenty of illustrations.
    " we can all learn to get along together".

    let's hope ashburn "learns" as the hosing might not be very appropriate for a kid's book

    enjoy the cat antics.
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