Just wanted to say hi to everyone and thank everyone for all your support, prayers, good wishes and love.

I am having really serious health problems - most likely due to 6 years of stress from every angle.

I can only be on the internet for around 30 minutes due to eye problems. Thought a new doctor
was going to see me this week and they cancelled on me in the waiting room.

So if you could pray that god has mercy for my dad who can't do anything and bring him
home to my mom and the rest of my family. I can't visit because it looks like I'm crying
because "a doctor" convinced me to close all my eye ducts. Trying to get some one
to open them and address why I am getting cornea irrationals all the time since I got
my eyelid surgery. I can't tell Dad I have allergies - he can't respond except kinda
"automatically". If someone talks to him, he will smile. I just can't take much more.

I am separating myself from our house in Aruba. I have to admit I made it (in my mind)
that it was a 'shrine" for the most happy we and my parents have ever been.
I think that''s why it didn't sell because I wasn't ready. Now I am - reduced
the price to 799K which kills me but someone is going to have a income opportunity
or just a wonderful house which has seen so much love, generosity from everyone who
visited and/or dropped off things for the kittens and everyone who adopted my babies.

I am facing the question about having to close my rescue which is really sad.
The person helping me can't do it anymore but I was doing ok from here.
That is the best work I have ever done in my life and the most rewarding.
I am sad because I was the only cat related rescue.

Love you all - don't know if i'll be on - so PM me. You guys
have kept me sane and I have such a warm heart for all the
love you have sent me.