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Thread: New tablet!

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    Senior Member AUA1989's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
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    New tablet!

    Just got a Samsung tablet and trying to determine if it will be easier to use while on vacation (I'm going to try to write trip reports). I'm accustomed to iPhone and this is Android. Any tips you Android users have? Maybe I just need to get used to this but I think it would have been quicker on my phone.

    Also I have an unlimited data plan. How does that work in Aruba? Will I get a surcharge? I assume I can turn data off??

    and maybe a 55th b-day in Aruba, Feb, 2020

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    Senior Member hatteras's Avatar
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    I have a Samsung tablet. I've used it for trip reports for the last several years. I purchased a keyboard for it, which makes typing a lot easier for me. I don't always keep it attached to the keyboard. I keep the data turned off on mine. I've really enjoyed it.

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    Senior Member Traceyd14's Avatar
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    I've done my last couple trip reports on my tablet, it's LG, but still an android tablet so probably similar. There should be an app called notes or notepad. I write my reports there then copy them over to the forum. Sometimes the format get lost for spacing and hard returns but it's still a good option.

    As far as charges, it depends on your service provider. Verizon has a $10 per device per day plan that gives you access to your unlimited plan while you are in Aruba.
    Always planning our next trip
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    Junior Member Neesha's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
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    These Samsung tablets are even more comfortable and user-friendly these days. But they all have one significant flaw - battery capacity.
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