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Thread: Our vaccination experiences

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    Andrea, sorry to hear you guys had a reaction. Time to tuck yourself in. They do say it’s a sign of your immune system working. You should hopefully feel better tomorrow. I’ve heard of a few people getting fevers and chills. For them it resolved itself in 24 hours.

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    I've read that as well, that it's the vaccine working its way through your system and ramping up protection. One of the reasons I scheduled my second shot for early on a Sunday morning so I have all day and night to deal with whatever side effects may visit me if any. A friend of mine was fine after her 2nd shot, even went out to lunch to celebrate. By nightfall, she felt like she had the flu and was miserable. But all better the next morning!! My 80+ landlords had no side effects at all! It's hit or miss.
    Try to get a good night's sleep, Andrea. Maybe take another dose of Tylenol and Motrin before crawling into bed. Feel better!! Dreamy of crystal blue water and palm trees swaying in the tradewinds...
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