hi all

we got an all topic thread!

a few guidelines please and feel free to pm me with more guidelines and i will add to this "sticky".

  • civility and courtesy are required
  • please keep aruba OUT of this area
  • curse words, please substitute one of the letters with a symbol such as * or # or $ ok?
  • off color jokes are OK providing there are no racial, religious, ethnic or sexual preference tones or undertones. if in doubt, don't post. so please be very careful.
  • PG or PG 13 or G would be appropriate ratings for this area. If you do not think it would be appropriate for your 12 yr old to read, do not write it.
  • we are a community. we are neighbors. sometimes the best thing an neighbor can do is to build a fence. so please let us not interfere in each other's personal space or emotional space.
  • respect
  • sharing
Have fun and let the games begin.

Andrea J.