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Thread: Trip to France Sept. 28-Oct.14

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    Exactly what she said!! You really made us feel like we were along for the Adventures of Robin & Stu in France!

    You deserve a good night's sleep in your own BIG bed. Might I suggest a spa pedicure with foot massage in the next day or two? You earned it, girl!

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
    it was a wonderful trip and I am so glad that we were included.

    bragging............not a chance!
    you do not thumb your nose at others and try to make other's feel inadequate, inferior and 2nd class by boasting.
    you just give the trip report and it certainly was an interesting read.
    speaking for myself.............loved every aspect of your trip!!
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    I had an absolutely wonderful time on this trip with you! Many, many thanks for taking us along!! Welcome home!

    Quote Originally Posted by robin View Post
    Home Sweet Home!

    Travel day was uneventful, but long. We were picked up before 5 am for a very quiet 45 minute ride out to the airport. I didn't notice much because I was so angry over an email-(long story, not for here). We waited for 45 minutes for check in to open. Very quiet in the airport and smooth flight to Heathrow. Spent some time in the lounge until they put up on the board that we would be going out of a different terminal, so off we went to get the train to 5B from 5A. Boarding started late, but the plane was maybe 1/3 full. Again, very smooth flight and arrived in PHL 25 minutes early. Customs/immigration was easy, too. I noticed that they finally did something about the cameras being so high on the Global Entry Kiosk. You can now move the camera up or down. Sadly, I notice it after it took a picture of my forehead. The van to pick up the car came right away. It was rush hour, but we still were home a little after 530. We went to dinner early and have mostly unpacked. I'll update the pictures in the next day or so. Right now we have been up for 22 hours with only a few cat naps.

    Thank you all for reading. I hope it wasn't too boring. I hope I didn't sound like I was bragging, but just excited to travel again. Someone asked me what I brought back and besides a few things for the kids, and friends kids, nothing really-some foodstuff. However, the 2000 pictures and the experience and fun and laughter is everything.
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    Oh Robin, I just loved your trip report. Paris is our favorite city. Almost 50 years ago we had our first trip to Paris together. We were very young. Dan had his 20th birthday while we were there. We stayed at L'hotel Palais D'Orsay. It was before the Musee was there. About 20 years ago we went back to Paris and went thru the Musee. The hotel was no longer there, but the building was, but was closed. We peeked in the window of the door and it took us back to 1972.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your report and it brought back so many wonderful memories. Thank you!!
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    Thank-you to everyone for your kind words! Hopefully I will get the rest of the pictures up over the weekend. I think I am over the jet lag and now need to get caught up on things. An idiot backed into me in the parking lot of a grocery store yesterday and really screwed up my day-no one hurt, the SUV is drivable, but looks awful. So today is about getting done what I couldn't do yesterday.

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