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Thread: Knee Defender

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpumpire View Post
    Yes, but if the airlines hadn't crammed the rows so close together, it wouldn't even be an issue. Nobody would see the need to prevent those in front of them from reclining.
    Every passenger buys his ticket knowing the seating is cramped. Your purchase of a ticket is your acceptance of the seating situation. Being able to recline is the one way to be a little more comfortable under the circumstances.

    Using the KD is a passenger saying his comfort is more important than yours. That doesn't work. Millions fly daily in cramped quarters with no issue.
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    When I pay $600 to $800 for a seat on a plane, that seat belongs to me, not the person behind me. I will recline because it is much more comfortable for the 3 to four hours you have to sit there. If a person has a problem with the seat in front of him being reclined, he should purchase the bulkhead seat or a seat behind the emergency exit.
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    On my 4 hour flight to Aruba I am too excited to worry about discomfort. And on flight back home I am to heartbroken. However, with long legs I generally try to get an emergency exit seat
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