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I'm glad there is a new flight option for those in Florida (I'm trying to stay on topic here), and the price is terrific. That said, I can't believe all of the Colonial Williamsburg and Grand Ole Opry haters . Our nation started in Colonial Williamsburg (and so did I!), the history of the area is amazing and you can visit there on a budget. And if you've ever stood on stage at the Opry and imagined the incredible talent that has stood there before you, well it's a moving experience. Andrea, if you and Paul (or anyone else) were to ever visit Williamsburg, we'd love to meet you at the Trellis Bar and Grill in Merchants Square for an incredible meal and drinks Neither location can replace Aruba, but there is the rest of the world that needs exploring. Okay, you can have your thread back...
You make some good points, Walt. I think I take Williamsburg for granted because I've been there so many times.

I tried to convince Jon that we should look into these Florida flights when we get back from our friend's wedding cruise next year and just make it an extended trip. He gave me the old "we'll see"