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Thread: We never did this going to Aruba before: Fingers crossed!

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    It's partly the reason why I always get stopped at US customs when flying into the US from Europe. I always book one way and don't have checked in luggage. I get stopped more often than not for some questions.
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    I"ve done this last year as well as this year, as tracey mentioned you will just need to prove you have a return ticket to u.s. Funny how you learn little tricks as the years go by, we booked last 2 years with points. Last year we each had different flight confirmation #'s they way i booked it and did not like it. this year I used DH's points going and my points coming home so we are both on same confirmation both ways. I too book early to aruba as I like extra leg room and front of plane, wait for decent prices coming home then book later in year.

    Tuesdays I find are the best deals.

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    Good idea about booking with mileage points. We never thought about that trick booking one way on each others miles. We just wish we could get the return flight out of the way. We are a little impatient too. Getting more excited reading the trip reports. February can't come soon enough.
    Sean and Susan
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