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Thread: Time on your hand? Looking to better Aruba?

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    Sep 2008
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    Time on your hand? Looking to better Aruba?


    Just "putting it out there" - If anyone has moved recently to the island and are looking to donate some time for a worthy cause.

    We are looking for "kitten foster" parents. It's a great and rewarding
    work. We will provide you with the training and supplies on how to
    feed tiny kittens and take care of them.

    The usual amount of time you will have the kittens for is about 8 weeks.
    We will post their progress and adoption information about them
    and hopefully get good homes for them.

    It is so much fun to watch them grow and play and you know you are
    saving a kitten that would have died otherwise.

    If you're interested - please contact us! You help is sorely needed!!

    Aruba Kitten Rescue
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    Aruba since 1979
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    a great idea from Lizzardo re: fostering

    paul and i fostered 7 kittens and their mom from june6 2006 til labor day 2006 at our home in MA

    we were thrilled to have them
    we were even more thrilled to see them go

    once we get settled into our new house in FLA (whenever that may be) we will get involved in fostering again.

    someone on this forum i know has more cats than carter has liver pills.
    cost her an arm and a leg to pay cat sitter(s) whike she and family head to AUA. do good work and thank you
    i hope you get tons of replies

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