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Thread: Anti-nausea wristbands

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    Quote Originally Posted by flpctc View Post
    Is there a specific brand of the wrist bands that you use or does it matter ?

    I don’t think the brand matters. Purchased mine on Amazon. The brand is Lyjee.

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    Thanks Peg, so glad they are helping you :-)
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    WELCOME to the community forum.

    those bracelets work incredibly well for me.
    we cruise a few times a year and prior to wearing the bracelets I was often seasick, even in flat calm waters.
    I had a groove in the side of my face from resting my face on on the porcelain
    so much time spent in the cabin's bathroom, I missed out on a lot.

    a year ago I came off a medicine that I was on, and the side effects were vertigo and nausea....the bracelets helped.

    Quote Originally Posted by mostbetin View Post
    Thank you for the excellent advice. A bracelet like this helped my wife on our unforgettable trip.
    THINK.. is it Thoughtful? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind? sidtm
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    I wore them through the Drake Passage in addition to meds. The meds alone were not enough and the wristbands really helped.

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