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Thread: What is SPECIAL on your SuperFood or Lings or SaveMore grocery list?

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    Aruba since 1979
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    What is SPECIAL on your SuperFood or Lings or SaveMore grocery list?

    Actually is it Save More? or Save a Lot? I forget

    What is on your Aruba grocery list?

    Anything particularly special?

    The specialties on our list for Superfood is StroopWaffels, chocolate pound cake, sugar bread, Douwe and Egbert coffee and dutch ketchup.

    All the rest of our list are the usual items.
    Milk, bread, butter, apples etc.
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    I’ve only shopped at Superfoods...
    I tend to do breakfast in when I have a kitchen and always have snacks for lunch.

    Bread (so many types - they’re all awesome); pastries (muffins, scones); sliced gouda; Those cold salad/dips that come in small containers in the cooler by the bakery, Dutch hashbrowns (in frozen section); BALASHI; “orange juice” (the non-refrigerated juice drink) for mimosas...

    regular stuff: coldcuts, eggs, butter...

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    I have been in a grocery store only once in all our trips. I always say I’m going to check out Superfoods but then the beach gets in the way. It would be fun to check out all the Dutch products. I imagine my list would include Dutch butter cake; sugar bread and lots of Verkade chocolates.

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    We always pick up Dutch snacks. On one of our first trips we were in Ling's. I was studying the chip selection when a nice Dutch gentleman walked up and asked are you looking for snacks? When I replied yes he said always pick the Dutch snacks, they are fresher and cheaper. I don't know about fresher although they seem to be, but they are definitely cheaper and we love the additional variety. Pam also likes a certain brand of fruit juice that we can only find there. Since we are usually in a timeshare we get breakfast and snack items and of course booze.

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    SuperFoods-Dutch yogurt, stroopwaffes, chicken salami, gouda, various cheeses and spreads, spices and seasoning(lots of different types I can't find at home in our local stores), the wafers filled with either vanilla, chocolate or hazelnut, bread and rolls-so many good ones. I never had the sugar bread, but now I will look for it. I also get the majority of our groceries here. Hot peppers for Keshi Yena. Chocolate to take home for gifts.

    DoIt-best price on chicken breast. I can usually find some stuff I can't find elsewhere. ICE flavored water.

    Lings-mostly produce, ICE flavored water, Verdi sparkling wine, LOL butter, and things I can't find at SuperFoods.

    PriceSmart-Jack Daniels, Palmera Coconut Rum, ground beef, ground turkey, cream cheese, snacks sometimes, household items-TP, detergent, etc. lox,
    replacement bedding, and it depends on what they actually have in stock.

    Save More or whatever it is-turkey sausage if they have it in stock, chicken legs and thighs, jambalaya mix and sometimes produce and again it depends on what they actually have in stock. I probably buy the least amount of stuff here.

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    I prefer Super food,
    The bakery is my best friend,, the deli and all the cheese and slice meats to go with breads
    They do have a very nice meat department with
    It being seasoned with some great flavor ready to grill
    I think or should say I know I ate more bread in one week than I do in a month
    And cheese. Lol
    Life is so good in Aruba
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    Jon likes to see what different flavors of potato chips they have that we don't usually see at home. He usually picks ones that gross me out - bolognese flavor and some ham flavored ones come to mind as being especially unappealing.
    We always get a few different cheeses and crackers and lunchmeats to snack on - think adult lunchables...LOL. We buy some fruit and of course beer.
    We usually take a look around the bakery and meat sections too. We also buy small small steaks and breakfast food if we have a kitchen. We prefer Superfoods to Lings for the experience and dutch products.
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