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Thread: Is it worth renting a car?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kengolf 18 View Post
    Has anybody ever rented from Royal Aruba Rent-a Car?
    Royal is reputable and has been in business a number of years. We ourselves have used them at least 4 times now.

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    We rented from Aruba Royal as well based on Aruba Lisa's recommendation. Mind you --- we do not have a new jeep -- but we do have a 4x4 wrangler that we can open entirely. For 7 days, free drop off and pickup at our hotels, free cell phone, free baby seat -- we are paying $276 cash. After looking around -- that is a pretty good deal and we can do all the 'tours' on our own and spend WAY less. We actually found a De Palm tours group and kinda followed them a bit and we hit all the same sites and didn't pay the outrageous tour prices. We also have 2 small kids so were able to 'turn back' for nap time or anything else we want to do. No you don't NEED a rental -- but we outweighed the trip costs to get to where we wanted and it was well worth it. Plus, if you are staying at a timeshare you can go pick up groceries and cook in the room -- yet another luxery with tiny ones. Good Luck!

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