San Nicolas is located about 12 miles southeast of Oranjestad. It is the second largest city in Aruba and is home of an art gallery, stores, snack shops, restaurants/bars and historic buildings. The art aspect is what drew me here. My 9 year old daughter is an "artist" (when I say artist, I'm serious...she has been tested several years ago as gifted in arts/drawings and can draw better than most the very small details). So...I knew I had to take her here! (But it was a surprise).

Aruba has a 3 day street art fair where local and international artists will display their masterpieces. Buildings are painted (both in use and abandoned), mosaic tiled chairs on the sidewalks, art made out of "trash" and so on.

It was super easy to get to...just take the main road, heading toward San Nicolas (even though there is construction making you go around places, you still come out where you need to be) and when you spot the police station on the right, just park there and the first building with art is to your left (if you are facing the police station). You pretty much walk down that side street to the end and go in a circle. There are a few things here and there out of place, but easy to spot. One of my favorites is the iguana made out of trash across an entire building and also the 3D box (which really doesn't "look" 3D when you are looking at it, but the minute you take a does).

It's definitely a "must see" and doesn't take more than an hour to see them all. Stop for awhile and take a look on the way to Baby Beach or something. You won't regret it.