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Thread: CMB Bank Increase in Monthly Charges for Non Resident Bank Accounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retagger View Post
    @ elephant guy - I have a non-resident Florin account and I just received a letter from CMB and it states that ALL non-resident accounts, will be increased to $25.00 US dollars effective September 30, 2016.
    Guess What ???

    Despite all the assurances I received from CMB via WebChat re Account Charges this month they took the Afl45 ($25) in Account Fees from our account....!!

    Looks like you were spot on after all David...

    I sent a sharp email to CMB pointing out that after being told in August that the Florin Account Fee would only be Afl25 AND despite the fact that I had ACTUALLY ASKED FOR THIS TO BE DOUBLE CHECKED by the Customer Services Representative that I was still charged the Afl45 this month. My email was replied to with a "Sorry for the misunderstanding" response but the reply made it clear that the future fees would still be Afl45 ($25).

    Last months fees were Afl15... Thats a 300% increase in charges for a Florin Non-Resident Account. Things must be really bad with the economy (and the defecit). Either that or the banks have just got seriously greedy.

    I am back over in a few weeks and will now try to revert to cash as much as possible (if I can make it work). Pay all my tax and utility bills in advance in cash or by card and if I can possibly close the a CMB account I will. I will try to use my Mastercard/Visa more and use the banks less...Much Less...

    The lack of my personal Afl45 a month in fees will not decimate CMB (ArubaBank or the other banks) but if enough Non-Residents get mad enough and switch (or close) accounts I suspect that in the end the Banks would be the long term losers.

    I love Aruba but sometimes I do think that some of the institutions (Hope they read this or ATA pass this on) think that Non-residents are either "Too Rich to Care" (Which I definitely am not) or Stupid (err ).... Nope...

    Its all pretty sad really but I don't know anyone (anywhere) who likes to be treated less favourably than the local citizens in any country and just used as a cash cow - But thats exactly whats happening.

    Semi Rant Over...

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    I have been fuming over Aruba Bank's Afl35 per month this whole year and was going to shop around for another bank on the next visit. Looks like I won't be finding a solution.
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