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Thread: Update on getting our house back from the Lawyer/renter

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquaman View Post
    Gaby. This seems like it borders on "let's just annoy the Americans", lol. I'm not saying its so

    i am aware of others in the same predicament and they are NOT Americans

    Sad this has become a thread where different cultures and the differences of people's is being criticized

    i wonder if Anyone can indicate what it would take to get this Dutch law amended.

    The German law just got amended in May 2013 due to economically losses, landlords loosing rental income etc.

    I guess if there are too many sleazebags taking advantage of the system, the courts and lawmakers finally had enough and made it easier for landlords.

    The article is in German:
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    this thread is now locked.

    i have instructed forum member Lizzardo, that if there are any updates/changes, for her to message me and i will post it on her behalf.


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