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Thread: Green check at departure

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    Thank you very much.
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    I am in the air as I type this, on my 3rd flight back to Aruba since the border opened....I have departed from MIA & ATL (via MIA) on American Airlines. Every time has been different all the way around (from checking in at ticket counter, at the gate, on the plane & arriving into AUA)....I pre-tested every time....Essentially, (if you fill out the ED card correctly in the right time frame) you will get a green check when you upload a test (even if it doesn't meet the requirements) & pay the insurance. This doesn't mean you are 100% in the Clear....The AUA Officials will review your test & if it doesn't meet the requirements (ie wrong test, took it too soon, wrong doc etc) they will alert you that you need to test when you land in Aruba via email (or personally when you land & get to that part of getting cleared into Aruba). I actually tested in Aruba the day I flew to ATL (because I was coming back to AUA in ~ 72 hours) & my results were sent to my "Aruba Health App" account. I got my green check, had no issues once landing in AUA (they were confused seeing I tested in AUA 3 days prior & results on health app) - but the day AFTER i landed back in AUA, i got an email that my test did not count & I needed to re-test. (think bc i tested ~ 75 hours prior to arriving to AUA, but I never got an answer).

    FYI - if you want to test in AUA at the Hospital (I have tested 2x now), you need to call for an appointment (which is very easy to get) & neither time was there a line like at the clinics). BUT it's $125 to test when LEAVING Aruba vs $75 when ARRIVING to Aruba. Not sure why, couldn't get an answer for that when I asked.

    Also - hold onto your Green check & have it handy, along with test results (pics are fine) and don't delete your info on AUA Health App until you are back home because you might need it! I live in a Villa at the south end of the island and have been asked to see these by hotels (when I go to visit friends & want to hang out at pool/use some facilities with them, buy day passes to say Flamingo Island at Renaissance or check in to spend the night). This is only if you are visiting other hotels like I described, not if you are going shopping, to restaurants, or casinos at the hotels etc.
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    Thanks charterprincess, that's some good info to have.

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