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Thread: January 6, 2022

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    January 6, 2022

    932 Residents +

    112 Non Residents +

    62% of those residents tested were positive.

    From FRESH Aruba Radio via DVG
    Today's numbers . 1,044 new infections have been detected, 932 of which among residents (local infection rate 62%). In addition, 503 people have been declared recovered . The total number of active cases now stands at 4,271. On average, there are 790 new cases per day with an average daily local infection rate of 63%. Right now there are 15 Covid patients in the hospital right here, three of them in ICU next to the three ICU patients in Colombia.

    January 6, 2022-screen-shot-2022-01-06-4-56-25-pm-jpg

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    Hospital numbers are down from 21-15 so that is a nice change. Hope it continues. Thanks for posting.
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    Not good at all! But as long as cruise ships (3 today 2 of which are on yellow code...which I believe means new infections on board in the last 7 days) are allowed to dock and people are floating around down town and elsehwhere ( Eagle beach has many umbrellas for cruise ship passengers) the numbers will not go down! Over a thousand local workers have checked in for sick leave....which costs $$. We know the variant spreads easily...but when no steps are taken to try to minimize...well you get what you get. No one on my street has moved all day....everyone is local except us...and they all work or go to school (usually). As you can see, I for one am very disappointed in how this is being handled!
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    Interestingly, the number of active non-residents seems to stay around 650 in the last several days. So despite ~100 new non-residents testing positive each day, a similar number are being released to go home. Still, mid 600's is probably way more than the number of rooms the government has been able to secure for isolation purposes.
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