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Thread: Mask wearing

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    Senior Member mvosilla's Avatar
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    I returned last Wednesday and echo what everyone else said. All tourism related workers were masked up. As were just about everyone else when indoors. Outdoors and by the pool and at the beach, the staff all worse masks but it was hit or miss with the guests.
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    I just returned and yes mask where worn in compliance . I ordered my groceries at super foods and did curbside pick up with taxi from airport, priceless! Ill never shop again if the stores keep it. I stayed at Costa Linda and mask is worn in lobby and on elevator . I do not wear a mask outdoors at the resort and its not asked of you. I ventured up to Hi rise area and wore a mask outside around the little stands and by the lobby bar. Nobody had mask on up there and it seemed like if you were gonna get covid in the tourist area it be there. I felt totally safe in Aruba at the tourist locations. Now If you venture to the areas where locals live and hang out Id wear a mask for sure. I was told by my friend down there he knows of 2 Americans that tested positive and couldnt return because they were hanging around with locals on the other side of the island .
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