7 Residents +

6 Non Residents +

8% of those residents posted were positive

From FRESH Aruba radio

Today's numbers. 13 new infections have been detected, seven of them in residents (local infection rate 8 %). 15 people have recovered. The total number of active cases is now 163; 136 residents and 27 tourists. On average, there are 13 new cases per day with an average daily local infection rate of 9 %. There are currently 15 patients in an ICU in Colombia. Currently there are four Covid patients in ICU and 10 in Covid ward.
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From the DVG

ORANJESTAD- 16 oktober 2021. Segun resumen di awe 15 persona a recupera y un total di 13 caso nobo di COVID-19 a keda registra di cual 6 ta no-residente. E cifranan aki ta representa un 'Positivity rate' bou di nos residentenan di 8%. E cantidad di casonan activo di COVID-19 pa awe ta 163 y cantidad di fayecidonan relaciona cu COVID-19 ta na 170. Datos ta ilustra casonan nobo di COVID cu un average semanal di 13 caso pa dia y un averahe di 'positivity rate' semanal di 9% pa dia.

Actualmente na Aruba tin 14 persona interna debi na COVID di cual den ICU tin 4 persona, riba piso general tin 10 persona y na Colombia tin actualmente 15 persona den Cuido Intensivo.