Another resident death

23 Residents +

3 Non Residents +

22% of those residents tested were positive.

FRESH Aruba Radio
Today's numbers. Unfortunately another person died from the consequences of the virus. The total number of deceased people comes to 159. In addition, 26 new infections were detected, 23 of them among residents (local infection rate 22 %). 34 people have recovered. The total number of active cases now stands at 259; 222 residents and 37 tourists. On average there are 25 new cases per day with an average daily local infection rate of 12 %.

Right now there are 23 patients in an ICU in Colombia. Al here seven Covid patients are in ICU and 13 in the Covid ward.
(Red.) ) there is a discrepancy in the positive infections of yesterday and today. The tables and info here come directly (and translated by us) from the Crisis team.

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