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Thread: will we ever be able to travel intl without testing ?

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    Hi Linda - I completely agree with your post. We travelled to Aruba at the end of 2020 before the US required a test to re enter, that was the final straw for us. We will be missing Aruba for the first time in 10 years. I was a stressed mess leading up to our trip with testing and timing. We were in a position where we would have lost financially if we didn’t go, so we jumped through the hoops and did have a good time but it was different. I was just asking myself the same question a few days ago, will it ever end? I hope so.
    The best trip is the next trip. Anxiously waiting to book something.
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    I agree with everyones response that it is all worth it. And thankfully for everyones posts prior to our trip in 2021 we felt more comfortable to travel last January before the US made changes to the re-entry testing. We were hoping the requirement would change before our next trip in January 2022, but that does not look to be happening. We finally took a deep breath and decided to go in January 2022 and just control what we could. It is alway a personal decision and hopefully you can travel without restrictions soon to the paradise island.
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    We just got back yesterday after a 9-day trip. Of all of the hassles on the trip (Villa did not give us the lockbox code, return flight delayed, incredibly cumbersome and slow outgoing customs), testing was not a big deal at all. 72 hours before our departure, we went to the drive-up testing facility our hospital runs. About a half hour to get there and get it done. We got the results the next morning. Uploaded them to Verifly and the ED card. Showed Verifly at the airport and the ED card on arrival and zipped right in. Three days before the return flight we went to the pharmacy in the SuperFoods plaza and got antigen tests. Next to no wait. Results arrived later that day. Uploaded them to Verifly and testing was not an issue at the airport at all.

    Now don't get me started on American Airlines personnel in Aruba. That was far more stressful and wearing than any simple nasal swab test.
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