I got this message from a friend.

Hey, Andrea I'm looking to tranport a kitty from Aruba in May, Give a holler if you know anyone who will be on the Jet Blue Flight to JFK .. I will be traveling that flight on May 10, but I am only allowed one feline. I would put two in my carrier, but... we have to take them out three times in Aruba (2 checkpoint, and US Agriculture) Any help would be greatly appreciated. My best to Paul, Lou sends his fond regards

so if you are on the JET BLUE AUA to JFK May 10, could you keep a kitty in a carrier under the seat in front of you? this will not involve you any to pay any $$. the kitty in its carrier just need a person the be its guardian on the flight.

ArubaCDM@aol.com subject box please put to Joanne re: kitty