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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Best Beer Happy Hours near Costa Linda?

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    Best Beer Happy Hours near Costa Linda?

    The 4 of us friends are BIG beer drinkers, and are looking for some fun places to hang out during our week trip in October. We prefer bars that serve domestic beer, as my husband is not really a fan of the local beer. Of course, atmosphere is important, but moreso we're trying to find places where we can drinks lots of beer at a reasonable price. Yes, we've been to Aruba (but only once before) so we know prices are gonna be high no matter where we go. But we're trying to get some tips of good bars, local bars, even "holes-in-the-wall" where we can get the best beer prices. We are VERY casual people, we will not be looking for anything fancy, just very laid-back and very casual places we can slug beers all night! Any bar in particular have good happy hours?
    Thanks for the help!
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    >>> "can drinks lots of beer at a reasonable price"
    ---- Since staying at Costa Linda buy a case at Ling and Sons and put the beer in the frig. There are many beach bars at the resorts near Costa Linda and they all have happy hours. Best?? If I want a couple of cold ones I go to the market inside the Aruba Beach Club. It bets the Happy Hour prices.
    From Costa Linda there is a path on the beach that goes over to Bucuti. Go through their parking lot, through the Manchebo parking lot and enter the ABC. Market is to the left at the front desk. Total distance is around 100 yards taking this short cut.
    Bucuti beach bar did have a late night Happty Hour. Don't remember the time.
    Walking on the path over to Bucuti is a short walk so you can ask. The market inside the ABC closes around 7 or 8.
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    LACABANA 4-6pm happy hour, good selection of U.S. beer walking distance from Costa Linda. Beer on island is expensive even at markets approx. $40.00 case.
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