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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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    Betico Croes Day

    Next month my vacation time in my happy place includes Betico Croes Day (Wednesday January 25, 2017). Usually on Wednesdays I go to my timeshare owners' meeting, then have lunch downtown either at El Gaucho or Coco Plum (yum!). I take the bus downtown and then the trolley over there.

    I'm thinking something isn't going to be open, probably the trolley, possibly the restaurants, maybe the owners' meeting.

    Does anyone know if I'll have to change any plans for that day?

    I'll be there for 2 weeks, so doing my usual Wednesday thing won't be an issue for the other week...


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    It is a national holiday so the government agencies and a lot of shops will be closed. However, I doubt the restaurants will close as the private sector has the option to stay open if they so please. You should call the places you specifically have planned on going and see if they are open or not on that date.

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    there will be cruise ships in port that day (4 actually)
    downtown will be hopping!
    so most likely the trolley will be running AND lots of shops opened.
    you will have to make your owner's meeting inquiry with your owner service's department

    note: the Freewinds is indeed a ship in port, but is not the "usual" cruise ship (Scientology)

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    Scientology? Good Lord. Has anyone else been watching Leah Remini on A&E? She said those people end up paying around $250K to advance in the organization. If I had $250K I'd buy up some more Aruba timeshare weeks...

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