For those who travel with their pets, as we do, I thought this would be of interest. The last 2 occassions we returned this year, we were stopped by Canadian Border Services because we had pets. They demanded to see the vacination certificate and also ID...microchip or vets certificate. While all was in order, we were however charged apprx $40 to re-enter the pets into Canada. I asked the young man why we now needed to pay. He advised me that Ottawa had sent out a memo to all border crossings demanding inspection of papers and charging the fee. This memo was issued in Feb he claimed. He further stated that if we were crossing back in from just the US then there was no fee, just the papers. I started thinking about this in view of folks who bring back adopted pets from Aruba when I read the following article:

Hope this helps anyone who may be travelling with a pet and was not aware of this situation