"Casino Radisson remains open for the time being
30 Jan, 2010, 07:18 (GMT -04:00)

ORANJESTAD — The current manager of the Radisson casino, The Millennium Resource Group (TMRG) does not have to leave per February 14th. The personnel, 91 employees, can therefore continue their work. The judge recently decided that TMRG may continue to manage the casino until the appeal against the Radisson is concluded. After ten years, the hotel had terminated the contract with TMRG and started looking for a new manager. However, TMRG did not let things stand and had instituted legal proceedings, which they had actually lost. In November last year, the judge had decided that the manager must leave the casino on February 14th. However, in a recently held emergency case the court had judged differently. According to Rudy Geerman of trade union FTA, in any case the new judgment means that the casino could still operate under the current manager for another two to three months. A date for the appeal has not been announced yet."