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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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    Junior Member burlingtontownie's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Palm Beach, Beachwalking from Divi Phoenix to Marriott Resort.

    Catholic Mass Schedule.

    Dear Friends:

    My wife and I are visiting Aruba in two weeks. Where can we find a Sunday Mass Schedule for the island?

    It is my understanding, from discussions with other visitors, that one of the resorts has a regular Sunday Catholic Mass on the resort that anyone can attend. If that is true, can any one provide more detailed infomation on the time and location of that Sunday Mass.

    Grateful thanks.

    F + J Landry
    Burlington, Ma.

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    I found this thread, it's alittle old but will give you some idea of resorts that may hold services.
    Easter in Aruba

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    Jul 2007
    Aruba Beach Club/CasaDelMar - Sundays at 5pm.

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    Playa Linda Saturdays at 4 pm. La Cabana does not have Mass anymore.

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    Under a hut, walking Eagle Beach, lunch on the beach, Amstel Bright Beer on the beach, coffee in the morning on the beach, taking a dip in the sea,

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    >>>>> "Aruba Beach Club/CasaDelMar - Sundays at 5pm."
    ----- Its usually on the CDM side. Short walk from the Divi, Manchebo, Bucuti, and Costa Linda resorts.
    This past June it was on the ABC side so just ask either front desk where mass will be. Will only have a 80 yard walk inside the resorts to connect bewen the 2 places. If staying at the Divi or Tam they have a extra large type golf cart that will take you to mass and pick up. Ask at your front desk.about that.
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    Catholic Mass

    If you do not have a rental car, take a taxi to Noord and go to St. Anna's. It is about 5 minutes from the highrise hotel. You will love this church and will be so happy that you went to Mass there and not to the resort. This past year, my husband surprised me and arranged with the priest there to remarry us on our 25th wedding anniversary! (He did this via the concierge at the Hyatt where we stay and phone conversations from our home in Iowa. It was so awesome and he was so accomodating! Ask the concierge when Mass times are. We have gone to Saturday evening mass and also during the week. I hope you love it as much as we do! Enjoy your trip to the wonderful island of Aruba

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    We'll be staying at CPVR right across the street from St Ann's and will be there for Easter -we are definitely attending Mass there. Would you remember the mass times???
    Easter in Aruba

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    The ususal schedule for St Ana Church is Saturday 7:00 pm; Sunday 7:30 am and 6:00 pm. Though I would have CPV call for you to see if the schedule is the same for Easter. My daughter went to 4 pm Saturday Mass at Playa Linda for Easter last year. There was no 4 pm Mass that day. They changed it to Sunday at 11:30 am.

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    Thanks Liz - BTW, how are things going with the house????
    Easter in Aruba

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmtre2 View Post
    Thanks Liz - BTW, how are things going with the house????
    Nothing is happening yet with the house. We got a figure from the insurance co. of what they will give us to rebuild but I think it's too low a figure. I don't know what we are going to do.

    Regarding Mass: Make sure you have CPV call the church directly for you. I had called Playa Linda that Saturday and they told me Mass was 4 pm that afternoon (which it usually is). Not until my daughter got to Playa Linda did she find out that the day and time changed.

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