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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Cell Phone "etiquette" in Aruba

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    omgosh that is terrible.
    i love it!
    Quote Originally Posted by rob o View Post
    I like to move in close and rudely and obviously listen to the cell user's conversation. The more uncomfortable they get, the shorter the conversation is.

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    There were quite a few people talking on cell phones around the pool at the Surf Club.

    How do you confront a party of 20+ people on the beach with a boom box?

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    Not really cell phone etiquette but cell phone overkill:

    We were seated in a covered porch having dinner at Hosteria da Vittorio in February. A young couple arrived after us and were seated near us. He took out two smart phones and a wireless wifi thingee and she took out a smart phone. They both started thumbing away and barely spoke throughout their dinner as they ate with one hand and worked their phones with the other, never looking up. Considering how hot she was, I asume the guy was either a robot or a eunuch (or married).

    I wanted to tell them what they were missing but figured they wouldn't get it.
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    I told my friend the other day how insulting it really is to be with someone and all they are doing is answering calls or texting. You are basically telling the people you are with, you are boring, not worth my attention and I would rather be with someone else.
    I know and understand that there are reasons to take calls and text messages in some cases but when did it become a priority to know everything at every given moment...? we are more in touch with our friends, love ones and coworkers yet we are more disconnected than we were when I was a kid...

    I shall get down off the soap box now and give someone else a go...
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