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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Day 7, a rough day here

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    Day 7, a rough day here

    Hi folks, had a rough day today, didn't intend it to be that way. Rented a car, arranged for all the kids to be taken care of and headed out for a 1/2 day of fun. As we drove down the main drag here , passing the gas station we noticed traffic wasn't moving too fast. Ah, the strikers blocked the first round about. Well, we thought we'd by pass it all and go the back way near ling and sons. So. no problem. Off we went to Bucuti web cam( us with the CDM sign) to tierra del sol, the lighthouse, the new mall, hooters for wings and drinks in our rented car. So far it was a nice day. As we ended our little journey and headed to lings we ran into more protestors, and a 18 wheeler across the street, now both round abouts were blocked, with many strikers in the street. Not happy about this situation. Finaly got back to the hotel with the Economy people bringing us back. Sat poolside this afternoon and decided not to rent a car next week and get aggravated. We will stay local for all of next week and not leave the area. I have to tell you all that this is unnverving. Yesterdays strikers along with todays isn't a pretty picture down town.
    We had reservations at the new Mirandi's and was able to take a cab. Sat in traffic for a while heading to it. Strikers had set a fire near the airport and it was dark smoke billowing out. Hope this is not more to come.
    While I sympathize with the workers, I think that they are playing with their bread and butter, namely tourism. There has to be some solution.
    On a better note, Mirandi's new location is nice. They still have the same ole hut thing and a changed menu. My meal was good, both rob and I had the shrimp with a blue cheese sauce along with mashed and veggies. Service was good, ambience excellent. The cab ride was 16 one way from Renaissance. I would recomment it. Got some great photo's. Till tomorrow, cindy
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    No airport fire!

    Hi Cindy,
    We are locally also trying to role with the punches, as most teachers are not full time at class... And the traffic... And... Well... Just hope it is over real soon. At least they are peaceful!
    Just FYI, I found out the airport fire was set by the airport themselves and not these people in action. It was part of their safety and health week program, during which a simulation was conducted by the airport and the firestation on its premises. It would have been nice to have been informed previous to these actions by the airport, but I guess they are also rolling with the punches and forget maybe the importance of informing EVERYONE, not only some media and closely involved parties. Hope they forgive me for criticizing them a little.
    On another note: I have put Marandi on my list, and I still have to go to Ambianz, at the old Marandi location.
    This should all calm down soon!
    Have a great one, Margaret
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    I arrived yesterday April 18 and everything was super smooth. I didn't see any protests or encounter any traffic. Hopefully the rest of the week will also be smooth. I did go into a retail store and the salesgirl told me that they have not been receiving new merchandise due to the strike. Customs is part of the strike therefore, the items are not being checked in to be brought to the stores. Although I understand the strike, making things inconvenient for visitors may hurt tourism eventually (I hope not though.)

    All I know right this minute is that the sun is shining and nobody is striking at the beach (that's why I'm really here anyway - to relax!)


    Oh, by the way, not that anyone is really interested but, K- stands for Kindergarten (now you know why I really need to relax!)
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