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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Emergency response, adequate or of concern?

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    Thank you for you concern for my daughter. She is due in 2 1/2 months, well within any doctors recommendations for travel.

    Again, I'm not trying to be difficult here. We DID transport the patient via personal vehicle once We were ltold the ambulance wasn't coming. I'm not sure what protocol is here, but when we called the ambulance and were told it was on its way, I don't think anyone here felt it appropriate to forget about them and drive him on our own. That would truly have been a waste of emergency resources (had they actually been on their way).

    Also no complaints with the Divi. They stayed with us and did everything they could. Including roviding transportation once we found out the ambulance wasn't coming.

    I'm only suggesting that if we can improve the services, by all means do so. But if we can't, then we certainly need to improve the procedures.
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    As a firefighter/paramedic here in washington state, I personally would have been pissed and raised all sorts of hell for this. Not for the long response time ( I have traveled the world and have been to many poor countries) but because of the not coming at all part. With as much as aruba relies on tourism to support the country and with a government supplied ambulance service, I would think that they would place a little more importance upon 911 service. Calls are triaged in the US but someone will ALWAYS be there. I realize that this isn't the US but with the high amount of tourism I would think that the care would reflect that of a place supporting its guests.
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    Considering the advanced age of so many visitors, I'm surprised that it isn't a bigger problem.

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