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Thread: Flu Shot

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    Aug 2012
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    Flu Shot

    Aruba started giving flu shots a few weeks ago - the shots are free to those 60 and above years of age and people with chronic conditions (you'll need a note from your "doktor di Cas" if you have a condition. Anyone else, it's 20 florins for the shot.

    60+ and chronics can walk-in... everybody else needs to book an appointment.



    It sounds like the flu is going to be brutal this year so... sleeves up! Stop the cooties!
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    Senior Member robin's Avatar
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    Nov 2016
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    They said on the news last night the shot is a good match for the flu that is going around this year. I had mine mid September along with the bival vaccine.

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    Flu done..... covid umteenth booster done and a myriad of other assorted precautions taken.....
    A wise man never knows all......only fools know everything!
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    I had my flu shot Oct 26th. I'm going to get the new covid booster this Sunday. I want to be prepared for this winter. A former home attendant of Ms Daisy has Covid as well as her husband and 3 kids. They all have symptoms and it's the second time they get it this year. Not a good Thanks Giving for them. I'm not taking chances.
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