thank you for being a good "animal advocate".
we adopted an "aruba kitten" and she imbedded herself into our hearts the minute she was placed in our arms.

my niece and family adopted "bambi" now known as "benji/benny" and he was an Animal Rights Aruba pup. he is about 3 yrs old now.

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Week 24 I met Kiki who is the animal control officer/animal rescue person who drives the anmial ambualnce in Aruba. I was staying at La Cabana and ran into Kiki while she was on a cat rescue. Ended up hanging out with her for the rest of the week and she showed me the different animal hospitals in Aruba, went on a few rescues and met some cool people involved in Aruba animal rights. I do animal rescue in Baltimore, Maryland and when KiKi told me of the 2 pups left next to her trash can i said i would take them back to the US and adopt them out. Over the past 13 years i have been so good with not getting attatched to my rescues but these girls were different and now the are part of my family forver.