Great story. It's great to know there are still honest people that do the right thing. About 5 years ago I went to the old Super Foods (or it may have been the other Chinese market next to Super Foods) before it closed on NYE. We stayed a night at a friend's the 1st night before my timeshare check-in day. Though I don't cook at my timeshare I do need my Coke and make a quick stop at the market. When I got to my timeshare I realized that I didn't have my pocketbook. I almost had a heart attack as I had my passport, credit cards, and drivers license in my purse. I never bring much cash (less than $50) as I use the ATM's for the Casino's. I drive back to the market running into the store up a girl at one of the registers yelling "did anyone find a red purse". She didn't seem to understand but waved me over to the courtesy area. Wow, they had my bag. I couldn't believe someone turned it in. I do remember having my pocketbook in the child seat which was red and my pocketbook was red. I was rushing to check-in to my timeshare and overlooked that I left it there. I silently said a prayer for good health, happiness and prosperity to who turned my bag in.

Many years ago the son of a friend found a camera while on a tour. He knew who lost it (someone on the same tour) but didn't return the camera. Telling the story he seemed proud that he basically stole the camera, though it wasn't an expensive camera. A couple of years later he was on vacation with his buddies. At a club in Cancun someone ripped off his neck a very heavy gold necklace. Since him and his buddies were pretty wasted they couldn't run after the guy. Karma kicked him in the butt as the necklace was probably worth 5x's what the camera cost.