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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Honeymoon Questions

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    Honeymoon Questions

    Hey Everyone, My Fiance and I are flying down for a week at the end of May. We have reservations at the Tam. and can`t wait. I have read through everyone`s postings, seems like there is nothing but great things lying ahead. I have a few questions though, hopefully someone can answer then.

    1) I have been reading about tips, and I agree that all staff should be tiped at least a minimal amount. The bartenders have jars, but how would one tip the maid. I am hoping that i`ll be out of the room when they come around, so do i just leave the money somewhere?

    2) With the AI package, and the wonderful ability to eat at either the Tam or Divi, I am looking forward to enjoying a different restaurant each night. Are reservations hard to make? I`m hoping to just go with the flow of things, but don`t want to miss an oppurtunity to eat somewhere...

    3) We would love to tour the island one day. Should we take a planned tour, or rent a jeep for the day and just drive around?

    4) I have heard through several people, to avoid the main commercial shopping district and visit the local shopping areas. Is this true? I really want to experience the full Aruba Culture

    5) What items should I carry around with me all the time? Will money and my Driver`s Lic be enough??

    Thanks in advance for everyones help, looking forward to my first real vacation!!!
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    Hi Lanky,

    Congratulations first of all on your wedding! I'll try to answer all your questions.

    It's true what you say about tipping. It is appreciated. When tipping the maid you can leave the money on a counter in the room, maybe with a note? I've done that before.

    Reservations for different restaurants in Aruba are not hard to make. If you want to eat at the Tam or the Divi just call the restaurant or visit your guest service agent at your resort. They will also make any other reservation for you, either for a tour or a restaurant. I advise you to reserve early to the following restaurants (since you might not get a reservation on the same day) Madame Jeanette, Flying Fishbone and El Gaucho) Try to have one day in between reservations and dinner time.

    If you want to get to know Aruba I first recommend a Safari. Go with ABC Tours. It's a great family company with all native Arubans as tour guides. They know what they're talking about. The have nice Land Rovers and a brand new Batumba Monster Truck safari. I've seen them driving around on the Island and they are always having fun. Their website is
    You can afterwards rent a vehicle for 3 days if you want to. (most car rentals have a 3 day special) After the tour you would already feel a little familiar with Aruba therefore having an easier vacation driving around by yourself.

    Aruba is a shopping island. You can shop for almost everything. If you want the expensive more known brands you will find them around the resort area or down-town at the Royal Plaza mall or at the Renaissance Mall. If you want more of the local markets and merchandise visit the main-street of Aruba where you will find smaller stores that have more local influences. Try the Ecco store or the Aruba trading company in the mainstreet.
    If you want to experience the Aruban culture you should visit the Bon Bini festival tuesday nights at the Fort Zoutman (clock tower in front of the Renaissance Marketplace) at the downtown area. They have folkloric dancers and Aruban made merchandise and food. You should also visit the Arikok National Park.

    Items you should carry around with you throughout the day are:
    1. water
    2. sun screen lotion
    3. cash
    4. camera
    5. map
    6. you could carry your drivers license if you want to (if you rent a car you have to)
    7. sunglasses
    8. comfy shoes
    9. if you want to a cap or hat

    Happy to have you on our 'One happy Island'.
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    Salsa Greetings,

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    I hope you love the Tamarijn half as much as we did. Our experiece was as detailed below. You can double check when you arrive, but we were told that at the Tamarijn you must go to the concierge in person to make your dinner reservations.

    Tamarijn All Inclusive 12/22 - 1/3/08 Food, Beverage & Service

    "My parents arrived at the Tamarijn a few hours prior to us so Mom was in charge of making dinner reservations. She was able to make reservations for the first three nights of our stay. Reservations the first day work out essentially, you get whichever seating's are left for the night you arrive and, except for those who have checked in already before you that day, you have first dibs on the next two nights. Then the following morning beginning at 8 a.m. you can make reservations for your fourth night's dinner and so on for the successive days. My husband is an early riser so was there at 8 a.m. each morning. The resort was full capacity for some of the nights we were there. On New Year's Eve, because of all the new check-ins of those who could book the 3 nights in advance, instead of 8:30 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. our reservation for that night was 8:45 p.m. We do not mind eating late, especially on New Year's Eve, a 15 minute difference was no big deal. Most every other evening we were able to reserve a table at 7:30 p.m. It was very sad arriving at the restaurants, which were supposed to be booked solid, and they sat half empty. From talking to the staff, they explained that from drinking all day, people get tired, take a nap and then sleep right through their dinner reservation."

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    Our favorite place on the island, is the great beach at the Boca Grandi. The water is the best, and its very quiet.
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    We love the Tam. We leave the tip for the maid at the end of our stay. They leave an envelope in the room. If i were on my honeymoon, I'd rent a jeep for 3 days. There is a lot to see on the wonderful island. Tours are good, but you may want to be alone at times when your enjoying some of the more romantic sights.
    ( It will be your honeymoon),,,, Don't worry about all the other things. They will all fall into place.,,, Have a wonderful honeymoon in Aruba,,,Congats on your upcoming wedding
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    Honeymoon in Aruba

    We have been visiting Aruba for 29 and a half years. We are on the island several times a year. The first resort we ever stayed at was the Divi Beach Resort, sister resort to the Tam. At that time, the Divi organization was not all inclusive. Their motto was "barefoot elegance." Many of the staff from years ago stayed on with the new owners that began the all-inclusive. Everyone at both resorts are wonderful and very pleasing to their guests. Be sure to go to the Red Parrot at the Divi and take an outside dinner table where you can have a view of the beach and sea. Very romantic spot for honeymooners. My suggestion is as soon as you arrive, make your dinner reservations because the choice times build up. Have a wonderful time in Aruba. I am sure as most of the viewers of this board will agree, you will return back again and again. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding
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    Specialists in Wedding Coordination and Vow Renewals
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