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Thread: Internet Trolls

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    Internet Trolls

    A commentary that may be suitable for every category here, but i will post it in Aruba General.

    There are folks out there, that are into cyber bullying.
    Mean comments, folks that go on just to disrupt and cause havoc.

    Please if you see disturbing posts, hit the red REPORT button.
    Cyber bullying is unacceptable and not tolerated here.

    If you reply and get into a conversation with a troll.....YOU LOSE.
    The way to be a winner is to not respond to a troll. The only way a troll wins is when he/she is fed. Do not feed the trolls.

    Hit the report button and let us take the pleasure of banning the offender!

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    My wife's niece was in town and had lunch with us the other day and she was saying that her brother loves making people mad on the internet. He thinks it's funny for some reason. There really is something wrong with these people.

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