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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Local Pricing

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    Senior Member Mr. Ratt's Avatar
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    Not to sound cynical, but it's a classic case of "You're not a local, and as much as we love the fact that you're here and adding to the revenue on the island, you're still not a local..."
    It happens in every corner store and neighbourhood in the world.
    The regulars get a little better treatment, after all, they've been there all along, and the rest, well, treat 'em nice but.... well, just don't chase them away.
    As for getting a special pricing for living on the island part time, I'm not an expert and probably shouldn't say, but I have to wonder if the government or the retailers would actually go to the trouble of creating two price schedules, one for the natives, one for the tourists.
    Sounds like a bit too much bother.

    And besides, if they got caught doing it, how much poop would hit the fan from the tourist population, and frankly, would the powers that be even care?

    Gotta wonder. Profit is profit and that is what the tourist trade provides in paradise.

    Mr. Ratt

    46 days and counting.... and counting, and counting.
    The snow's flying, yet again.
    Mr. Ratt
    "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got..."
    Aruba.... May 11, 2018... 3pm at the Tamarijn, see you there.

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    Do they still have that dine around or aruba savings card anymore?
    Aruba Kitten Rescue
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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzardo View Post
    Do they still have that dine around or aruba savings card anymore?

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