I just had the best vacation ever in Aruba, but lost my underwater digital camera by the shipwreck close to the California lighthouse. This camera is a VuPoint with the underwater casing around it - which has bright yellow and blue on it. It floats and we spent over an hour trying to locate it after our Kayak turned over without any luck - you should have seen us fighting the waves for at least 30 minutes - definitely a comedy in it's own right. There are easily 200 pictures on it and some should have the Pelican's Nest, Aruba Beach Club and us tubing and Kayaking through out all the pics. You can also catch us frolicking in the ocean fighting the waves toward the end of it's time with us.

Anyway, should you have come across this treasure of memories, we would really appreciate it back in our possession. I know the chances of it's return back to Chicago after it's long and hard travels in the ocean are pretty slim, but thought I had to try anyway.

Thanks for reading and hopefully it will make it's way back - unless it truly is enjoying Aruba and maybe even Venezula so much it can't dare to venture back to 20 degree weather again ... I can offer a small reward and pay the shipping back to us.

Much appreciated!