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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: month long stay in Aruba -

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    month long stay in Aruba -

    . what's to do in Aruba for a month of march, take in mind i'm a SWM - palm Beach area - but going to rent a jeep.. so.. any ideas.. guides?
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    welcome to the forum

    you got tons of questions and i hope folks give you many opinions

    i encourage you to read the categories on this site, check out the different threads and ask specific questions in specific threads

    regarding a bike, sure there are folks that ride bikes here but the wind is stiff and the roads sometimes sandy or oil sheen.

    golf....tierra del so 18 holes and divi 9 holes

    beach is accessible all public beaches

    there are beach bars along eagle and palm beaches and the music varies

    re: dogs have u checked with your airline and place where you are staying?
    Quote Originally Posted by winter10 View Post
    Hi, and thanking you in advance if you decide to respond. I am coming to Aruba for the month of March, and staying in the Palm Beach area. I am a single straight white male..

    would renting a bicycle be a good way to get around? or should i rent a jeep?
    is their beach bars and live music, not disco, in the surrouding area?
    which golf course would you recommend?
    how accessible is the beach?
    where is there to go on the beach if not staying in a hotel?
    what place would you recommend for entertainment.?
    I dont need to work that that could be fun.I do have a month to play with .perhaps at a beach bar.. lol
    does any one know any big game fishing charters. captians,?
    same goes for scuba diving, can i get certified and divng in a month while there?
    are there charter flights from Canada?
    are there any other restrictions to dogs, other than proper papers etc?
    what is there to do for in March. in terms of local culture?

    who wants to help.. thanks again.
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    Marriott Aruba Surf Club Mandara Spa Marriott Ocean Club Mathilde's :-( Tuscany :-( Maracas Moomba Beach Bar Ruth's Chris at the Stellaris Columbian Emeralds Champions Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino Renaissance Mall
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    Wow, lucky you - a month in Aruba! Who gets that??? Okay, I'll try to help but probably can't answer all your questions.
    - if you're incredibly athletic and don't mind a real sweat, get a bike; I always rent a car when I go so I can buzz all over the island and stay cool :-) - also you'll want to think about food shopping, etc. - if you only have a bike, you'll have to call a cab everytime you want to go food/clothes/gift shopping in order to bring things back (National has pretty good rates)
    - you don't mention where you are staying, but yes - beach bars of course - there is a particularly fun one right by the grounds of the Marriott Surf Club - I can't recall the name - I think it's the Moomba Beach Bar, but don't hold me to it; there is also a cigar bar/shop right by the bar;
    - also, there is a great sports bar in the lobby of the Marriott Ocean Club called Champions right next to the Mandara Spa (karaoke night is a blast, usually Fridays), but it's an indoor bar
    - the Divi Links Golf & Beach Resort has a beautiful golf course, and you can end your day at Windows on Aruba, which is a really nice restaurant over-looking the golf course and lake
    - again, not knowing where you are staying, I can't say how accessible the beach will be to you; at nearly any resort or hotel, it is a stroll away
    - good question; I'm always at a resort, but I'm sure you can head over to Red Sail Sports and do whatever you like by way of water sports
    - entertainment - tons of places in town on the strip at the pier; just take a walk down Main Street and there are pubs, restaurants, live music, casinos, malls, name it
    - from what I understand, they are very strict about employment; tourists and short term business visitors are not allowed to work for pay in Aruba;
    - fishing - I don't know, but I can find out for you - have a friend down there who fishes
    - scuba - Red Sail Sports again on the beach outside of the Marriotts on Palm Beach, and yes I believe they can get you certified
    - charter flights from Canada??? Not a clue in the world. :-(
    - are you asking if you can bring your dog in? Google Aruba and check out pet restrictions, I believe you can with proper paperwork and as long as the place you are staying allows it
    - local culture - that is the advantage of having a car; you can drive around town - I know there are a few museums and farms (butterfly farm, ostrich farm, etc.); there is the California Lighthouse you can visit; sadly the natural bridge has collapsed, but if you jump on, you'll find lots you can do.
    Note: Do NOT miss dinner at Mathilde's right in town outside of the Renaissance Mall. Easily the best restaurant on the island, well in my humble opinion, of course.

    Well, you can message me if you need anything else, and I'll do my best to help. I'm not a tour guide, but I've been down there at least a dozen times. I'm so jealous; I'd love to go there for a month; actually, I'd love to move there! :-)
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