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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Regarding AUA and MMJ

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    Regarding AUA and MMJ

    AUA’s Medical Marijuana (MMJ) legal position, having recently been an evolving paradigm, recently changed. Possession of some types of medical cannabis/cannabis extract is no longer a criminal offense under some situations, July 2021. Researching TSA rules I find that the TSA is not looking for MJ, their primary task is identifying and intercepting contraband that could take an airliner down in flight.

    I’m an MMJ card holder flying out of a Greenleaf State. Boarding, I was able to carry-on a scripted MMJ package (flower) packed with my other scripts. Disembarking AUA, nothing any different than any other traveler.

    I hope that some can benefit from this information.
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    I use a CBD full spectrum cream on my arthritic fingers and have brought it back and forth with me to Aruba over the past couple of years.
    This past May, I was in one of the Boticas getting some athletic tape and saw a display of CBD products.
    I was a bit shocked as I had thought it was not legal.
    I was always nervous about bringing the CBD cream as I thought it was illegal, a chance I chose to take.

    Re: Medical Marijuana, I am not sure if TSA cares about it.
    The Aruba Customs Agency does care.

    I am a proponent of Medical Marijuana and legalizing recreational marijuana.
    I have friends that swear by it (medical).

    And..........anyone ever give any thought to agriculture of Marijuana in AUA?
    It would be a great export.

    THINK.. is it Thoughtful? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind? SIDTM
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    Marijuana farming in Aruba? The conditions are perfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WaltVB View Post
    Marijuana farming in Aruba? The conditions are perfect.
    In fact, what I've found in my research is that AUA is looking at MJ production as another arrow in its economic quiver.
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