MPA: new, dangerous specie of mosquito in Aruba
3 Dec, 2008, 08:11 (GMT -04:00)

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ORANJESTAD — The MPA has again demanded an explanation from Minister Booshi Wever of Public Health, Environment, Administrative-, and Immigration Affairs about the control of insects that are dangerous for the public health. The opposition party received confirmation that there is a new species of mosquito on the island that is more dangerous than the mosquitoes infected with dengue.
MPA party leader Monica Kock: More dangerous than dengue.The Minister doesn’t say what the species is. MPA has learned that some people have already been stung by these mosquitoes and that they have become ill. Besides, the Public Health Department is aware of these cases. MPA therefore demands clarity from the Minister and demands that the people be informed as soon as possible.
It must not be a repeat of 2005 when the Minister told the people at the end of that year that the number of dengue-cases was not alarming. After reports in the media, he had to admit that the figures were indeed concerning. He was forced to call in the international public health information (PAHO) to help combat the epidemic.
MPA has already criticized the policy of the Minister before: the island is inspected twice every year (PAHO advices four times) for possible breakout places. “The Public Health Department has already expressed its concern and Minister Wever has admitted that the government does not comply with these international standards. MPA has requested the Minister to do so, but strangely enough, he is not making any effort to increase the number of inspections”, concludes party-leader Monica Kock.