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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Packages -Air/Lodging ......Do you?

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    Senior Member robin's Avatar
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    Nov 2016
    Eagle Beach, Oceania, north side
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    We used to use our timeshare and book the air from AA. The few times I've booked other hotels for Aruba, I've used their own websites, Interval International, TripAdvisor. We always book AA directly.

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    Aruba since 1979
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    years ago, we booked thru TNT and GWV (charters based Boston)

    also too, I remember a travel agency in Reading MA that we also used a few times.

    the last 18 + years we have just booked our flights online AND either used our timeshares or used Interval exchange or Interval Getaways.

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    Senior Member DiviDiviFan's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
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    I miss GWV, was direct from BDL after the Boston folks picked us up! Early on I used Expedia as well as Cheap Caribbean, now I usually book myself due to Cyber Monday sale and use of points for airfare. I did have an interesting conversation with the ladies who run the travel club at work they claim if you use one of the sites like expedia etc. your seats on the plane are most likely never going to change? Has anyone had seats change while using these sites? I don't see how it would be a guarantee not to happen as most of the time it is equipment changes which cause this.

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    Don’t want to jinx myself but I’ve never had a seat change whether I used Expedia or booked direct. I only book Jetblue though and they always say they don’t overbook.

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