Last trip to Aruba I picked up the Papiamentu book (green on in the airport and all the hotel gift shops) after having looked online I have found very few digital resources for learning the language. So... I started making flashcards. 1 lesson in and 5 pages of that little book translated into about 275 flashcards. Using Brainscape, which should allow you to get to these as well if you are inclined to do so. I don't know the language, so I can't speak to it being 100% accurate, and certain things from the book do not translate to flash cards (pronunciation guide, and some of the elaborations on things like plural noun usage. but the platform has an app so you can toss it in your car.

Now that I spent a few hours translating one lesson into cards, I need to spend many more learning this info before I try to transcribe the next lesson. Considering my speed with dutch allowed me to cover max of about 150-200 new words / phrases a week (putting in about an hour per day, and just working English to dutch), I expect it will be a few weeks before I start transcribing lesson 2. There are 20 lessons in the book (although I am guessing that later lessons might be lighter on the vocab), and I have about 6 weeks until I travel, so I might have 3 or 4 lessons under my belt by then if I can keep up a good pace.

I suppose I'll find out if I know just little enough to make a fool of myself in February.

Hopefully it is of benefit to someone other than just me.