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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Some Answers

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    Some Answers

    Some updates that I can share with the forum and some answered questions.

    If I did not get you an answer, it means there is no answer yet…….more info coming.

    If someone tests positive from my plane, will the whole plane have to be put in quarantine?
    NO because you will have been protected …Masks are to be worn in plane, Aruba’s airport, transportation to resort and at the resort or your vacation housing destination til you get in your room.

    If I test positive may I request a 2nd PCR test?
    Yes, after a few days while in isolation, the concierge will help with medical contact so a medical request can initiate a 2nd test. The test will not be immediate. I do not know if Covid insurance will cover the cost of 2ndtest.

    Single Parent traveling with minor child….what if?
    If the parent needs to be hospitalized, the child will be under the guidance of Victim Assistance and Aruba Social Services to facilitate to get a family member to retrieve the child.

    If the parent needs only isolation, the child will accompany the parent, but a family member will be notified to come retrieve the child.

    Insurance Coverage is now 90 days….what about us we stay longer?
    That is being worked on and policies made and will be announced.

    What if flight is delayed, will the 72 hr test that I entered onto the ED site still be valid?

    What if the full name is not listed on my PCR test result? Will that form be allowed to be submitted?
    The answer that I got is , that is a problem, we will get back to you.

    I already have Traveling Insurance, I do not want additional insurance?
    It is mandatory.
    It cover isolation and quarantine.
    I was given an analogy..............We have homeowners insurance. What if we have a flood? Well a flood, requires Flood Insurance.
    Just like earthquake insurance.
    So please look at this as a supplement with the hopes one never has to use it.

    I have another Zoom next week and will have more answers as things do change!
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    Thank you!!

    Regarding multiple tests, the original FAQ did mention multiple tests being included in the mandatory insurance.

    Covid-19 Test: Max. 4 medically necessary Covid-19 tests as out-patient with a sublimit of $75 per test. The mandatory first test upon arrival in Aruba is excluded.
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