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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Specific Money Situation

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    Post Specific Money Situation

    Hey everyone, I've searched the forum for questions like how much money to bring and what to carry on you.. but I couldn't really find my exact situation. I'm 19 years old and I'm going to be traveling with my girlfriend and staying at the Marriott Ocean club, not doing the AI. We're leaving Feb. 29th and coming home March 6th. So I was wondering if there was a rough estimate on how much money we should bring with us if we are considering..
    -Big breakfast
    -moderate to higher priced dinner maybe 2 or 3 out of the 5 nights, nothing real real fancy. No real gripe with eating pizza and fast food to save money, but we still want a nice experience.
    -Maybe do 2 or 3 excursions like sailing or horse back riding.
    -No gambling
    -probably a little nightclubbing.
    -most likely traveling mostly by cab and bus since it is usually a large hassle trying to find car rental companies who rent to underagers like ourselves.
    Keep in mind we are in college and closer to a college budget, but we are willing to spend a bit. Overall though, this is more just a relax out on the beach trip than a honeymoon or any thing like that. Thanks in advance, any estimate or help you could provide is very appreciated.
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    Hi, I will give you my perspective on how much 2 adults with 2 teen girls spend on the average a day for aruba....$200.00, that covers sodas, big breakfast, burgers for lunch, and a decent and sometimes pricey dinner with drinks.
    On the snorkeling, we spend about $40 per person, haven't been horsepback riding.
    Drinks are kinda pricey, top shelf can runb around $9 and up.
    Again, thats 2 adults and 2 teens( who don't drink)............
    You will love it !!!
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    >>>> "-Maybe do 2 or 3 excursions like sailing or horse back riding."
    ---- These will be your biggest expensives. Do you have a credit card to cover these. Marriott is one of the more expensive resorts. Would say $200 for both of you per day. Some other resort $150 per day.
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