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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Talk me into Aruba!

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    Any Aruba beach...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    have u thought about the tamarijn or renting a timeshare at costa linda or lacabana or cdm or abc? those places have ground floor units, easy walk to the beach.

    I agree with Andrea. Though more of a 3 star resort vs. the 4 star for the Radisson, the Tamarijn would certainly meet your requirement of a ground floor room (on request, the resort is two stories) directly on the beach with easy access to your room.

    We have stayed at the Radisson four times, and though not as glitzy as the Radisson, have found that the all oceanfront rooms at the Tamarijn are a very good tradeoff. We have just booked our third vacation at the Tamarijn.

    Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

    From our patio at the Tamarijn

    View from inside of a room

    1400 Building rooms to beach

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    Reniassance Island & Surf Club Lazy River
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    brindles...If you are looking for a walk out to the pool/beach take a look at the Ren. Suites, it is also a Marriott property. The rooms on the ground floor have doors that open to the 2 pools, and they have a small lagoon for floating. The private island is wonderful....thought I would add some futher thoughts for you to ponder......
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    Boca Prins, Zeerovers in Savanetta, any place we can sit in the sunshine and relax.
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    You have to try Aruba

    I would highly recommend Aruba. The first year we went, the first day we thought it was windy but then you get use to it and you grow to love that is has nice trade winds. We like to go up to Boca Catalina to go snorkeling and swimming. Lot's of colorful fish. There are so many great places to go to eat and the locals are all so friendly. We went to Cancun the year before we started coming here and it was so commercialized and dirty and we totally fell in love with Aruba. The island is pretty safe (despite the way our media made it out to be.) You are cautious just like anywhere else but we have never had any problems. The average temperature is 85 and sunny year round and the hurricane's dont typically affect their weather much. I hear the latest hurricane sucked the wind out of Aruba so it was a little more humid the past few weeks.

    We love to travel the island in a jeep and go to places way out in the middle of nowhere- which coincidentally there happens to be a bar there. The music is great too. If you can make it during their Carnival I would highly recommend it.

    Hope this helps. I know we will be going for a long time. We loved it so much we bought a place this year.

    Good luck!
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    Radisson; Madame Janette; Downtown; Natural Bridge (even though only remnants remain); Marriott; Eagle Beach; Palm Beach
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    You should have no hesitation about spending a delightful time in Aruba. Yes, there are high rise (as well as low rise) accommodations. Yes, you will see McD's; Dunkin' Donuts; and a few other "American" chains. But...for a pleasant, relaxing vacation with the can't ask for a better place. What is the main attraction for us....besides the weather and the accommodations? The PEOPLE. The people of Aruba are warm, friendly, folks who like to please and know how to treat guests.
    The beach at the Radisson (Palm Beach) is the nicest (my opinion) on the island. The rooms at the Marriott are the largest (my opinion).
    Aruba is a wonderful place for a relaxing vacation. (Everyone's opinion!!! )
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    Gail and Darryl]

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