I hope that this isn't seen as a promo. It is being posted for those that want to know our island better.

About 25 years ago (maybe longer) a young man named Anthony Croes came to our office and eventually went to work with us at Playa Linda. He wasn't a brilliant sales person but his toured guests always recommended him highly. Figure that one out. As it turns out, Anthony is an archaeological and anthropologist with the expertise being Aruba and her history, Since then, his name has come up several times as "The Island Expert" however his humble mannerisms has never sought the limelight. (Time for change Anthony!)

As it turns out, almost all I write is somehow perused and critiqued by him and his insight has helped me to know what it is I thought I knew - Aruba. Anthony has been discreetly doing personal tours of the island and giving an insight that is incredible. I use him myself. For those of you that have written to me and asked about this island, and there have been so many, I would like to recommend giving Anthony a call. at 011-297-592-2702 if off island and when here dial the last 7 digits. He can be reached at

"August Anthony Croes" <cayciba@setarnet.aw>,

I don't know if he still does the tours and if I did, would not promote blatantly on the BB however he is one of the most interesting persons you will run across. His insight and ability to tie together the smallest details is without peer.

So now you guys know where I get most of my information and can do the same. Maybe even help me out with your own stories about Aruba.

Have fun and

Be well